6631 Old Walland Highway

Townsend, TN 37882

6631 Old Walland Highway

Townsend, TN 37882

About Us

We have over 40 years’ combined experience providing expert technological advice for businesses and individuals. We are taking that expertise and applying it to the education sector  through The Sudman Foundation.

Through strategic planning, we advise schools and nonprofits on how they can economically advance their organizations’ technology impact without committing to hardware subscriptions and multi-year contracts.

We also promote  instructional methods and strategies which are enhanced by technology and not hindered by it.

Our Expert Team

Our technology and education experts constantly evaluate the best and most cost efficient ways to empower schools with technology without sacrificing pedagogy. We are entirely independent from technology hardware, software, and educational programs to enable us to recommend true efficiency and value for your organization.

Tom Sudman

Owner and Founder, Digital AV
“Technology is the antithesis of the field of dreams:  if you buy it, it doesn’t mean they’ll come to it.  You’ve got to create something they’re comforatable with because user acceptability is key.  We’ve found a better way to do things that is seamless and user-friendly. “

Scott Sudman

CEO, Digital AV
“Businesses are at the forefront in investigating and implementing technology. Schools and other nonprofit organizations need can reap the benefits of these models when choosing their own paths for technology implementation.”

Julie Sudman.

Technology and Software Implementation 

Millie Sudman

Founder, Sudman Foundation

Susan Wagner, Ph. D.

Education  Consultant
“Pedagogy should be enhanced through the use of technology tools, and not sacrificed to technology’s sake. In well-planned technology implementation, student engagement, instructional strategies, and simplication of instructional tasks are improved and streamlined.”